Summer Evening Shoot with Drew Spencer

This past week I had the opportunity to shoot with my good pal and amazing musician, Drew Spencer. I’ve enjoyed watching and getting to know Drew over the past year or so. He leads the house band at my partner’s place of employment as well as fronting the Southern Rock / Americana group Outbound Train. He’s been known to play a solo gig here and there, as well.

I was super excited when he asked me to do the shoot with him. It can be a bit hard to convince someone to put their trust in you to get it right. Especially, when you’re shooting film. There is no instant feedback. It’s a shoot based, solely, on trust. Shooting with someone who’s art you respect so much is always fun. Especially when that respect is mutual.

We spent the evening roaming around his grandparent’s property. A place he spent a lot of time at as a child. I can see why. Being there instantly transported me back to my childhood summer days spent at my Meemaw & Pop’s house. It was hot and humid. Much like most summer evenings here in the South. And, just to help us out a little, an afternoon storm rolled over and cranked the humidity up to 11. You could barely speak without a gnat flying into your mouth. They flew into your eyes and ears either way. We were both wiping sweat away from our brow between every shot. It was uncomfortable as hell!

I’m telling you all of this because I enjoyed every minute of it. We both did. It was one of the best shoots I have had in quite a while. Just hanging out with my buddy. Enjoying a beautiful summer evening and making some photographs. Just like the good lords intended!

I’ll quit rambling now. Check out the gallery below for some images from the shoot.

I hope y’all enjoy them.